…Or, We Really Knead the Dough

Written and Directed by Ben Tostado

 Crusted Custard! The pies are missin’!

In Skunk Valley, Ma and Pa Baker’s livelihood is threatened when the evil Vincent Von Villenueva plots to take over the town starting with their pie shop. Can Chicken Farmer John save the old couple from his dastardly deeds, keep the town from becoming a rootin’-tootin’ saloon destination and still prove his honor to the lovely shop girl? This hilarious spoof of turn-of-the-century melodramas—complete with a dashing hero, a mustache-twirling villain and a slew of wacky characters—is as American as…well, you know.

Family Audiences—ages 6 and up.
Running time: 60 minutes.
Playing at the New York International Fringe Festival
August 10-26.

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Or call 876 987-5678


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